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Mar 11 2015
Army researching uniforms that automatically decontaminate

Feb 27 2015
U.S. Added Speed, Scale to West Africa Ebola Fight

Feb 17 2015
Biodefence researchers seek 'Homo-chippens': Projects aim to mimic human body using networks of simulated organs

Febb 13 2015
YouTube: DTRA Ebola Countermeasures

Feb 12 2015
Gator Blood Contains Naturally Strong Germ Fighters

Feb 10 2015
WH: Progress in Our Ebola Response at Home and Abroad

Feb 2 2015
Air Force getting 25 isolation units for contagious patients

Jan 27 2015
Nanoparticles transforming medication delivery

Jan 26 2015
TRANSCOM System Brings DoD New Capability to Move Patients

Jan 23 2015
U.S. Transcom unveils Ebola isolation units for cargo planes

Jan 22 2015
Drug Delivery Innovation: Breaking Through the Blood Brain Barrier

Jan 20 2015
Study of Experimental Ebola Drug ZMapp Could Start Next Month

Jan 8 2015
New approach may lead to inhalable vaccines for infuenza, pneumonia

Dec 22 2014
DTRA Experts Scan World Horizons for Biothreats

Dec 12 2014
DTRA Medical Countermeasures Help West African Ebola Crisis

Dec 9 2014
Two Robots, One Challenge, Endless Possibility

Dec 08 2014
DoD Threat Reduction Agency Builds Anti-Ebola Capacity

Dec 04 2014
Transcom Develops System to Transport Ebola Patient

Nov 12 2014
DTRA, SCC-WMD and SJFHQ-E Receive Joint Meritorious Unit Awards

Nov 10 2014
Ebola Response Hospital Opens in Liberia

Nov 4 2014
Army Scientists Make Ebola Vaccine Advances

Nov 3 2014
We have military research to thank for Ebola vaccines

Nov 3 2014
Rockets 'destroy chemical weapons'

31 Oct 2014
Closing In On An Ebola Vaccine

Oct 31 2014
DTRA Solutions to Counter Ebola Outbreak

Oct 28 2014
The world relies on this one U.S. company to fly Ebola patients

Oct 26 2014
Pentagon builds units to transport Ebola patients

Oct 16 2014
U.S. Military Stands Up Labs, Hospital in Liberia

Oct 16 2014
Pentagon Spokesman Notes Operation United Assistance Progress

Oct 16 2014
US Support to Ghana for Ebola Preparedness

Oct 10 2014
Remarks at a Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (SBGS) base in Kyiv

Oct 9 2014
AMC civilians essential part of Syrian chemical weapons disposal

Oct 9 2014
Cyborg Bacteria Can defeat Bioterrorism

Oct 8 2014
DoD Medical Countermeasures Find Use in Ebola Outbreak

Oct 6 2014
Potential Ebola vaccines studied by DoD agencies

Oct 6 2014
Ebola drugs are in the works

Oct 5 2014
Pentagon official who headed Syria chemical weapons removal to help combat Ebola outbreak

Sep 26 2014
Simulations Provided Early Alert to Deadly Potential of Ebola

Sep 22 2014
Years of Preparation Pay Off with Ebola Diagnostic
Sep 18 2014
Portsmouth-based Cape Ray back from Syria mission

Sep 15 2014
Armed With Science: I See Your Smart Phone and Raise You Smart Bacteria

Sep 15 2014
With Bio-Threats on the Rise, US Focuses on Global Cooperation, Rapid Detection in Wake of BioWatch Gen-3 Demise

Sep 10 2014
Germany begins incinerating Syria's chemical weapons previously neutralized aboard the MV Cape Ray
Aug 20 2014
MV Cape Ray Signals DTRA 'Mission Complete'
Aug 19 2014
Hagel Congratulates Cape Ray for Syria Mission

Aug 18 2014
Statement by the President on the Completion by the M/V Cape Ray of the Destruction of Syria’s Declared Chemical Weapons

Aug 18 2014
Aberdeen Proving Ground team completes destruction of Syrian chemical weapons

Aug 15 2014
Neutron Detector Named Among Top 100 Technologies of the Year

Aug 12 2014
75 Percent of Syria Chemical Materials Reported Destroyed 

Aug 7 2014
Almost Three Quarters of Syria's Entire Stockpile Now Destroyed

Aug 7 2014
Army shows ABC7 new chemical defense lab at Aberdeen

Aug 6 2014
60% of Syria's known chemical weapons neutralized

Jul 25 2014
25 percent of Syrian chemical weapons neutralized

Jul 18 2014
15 percent of Syrian Sarin chemicals destroyed

Jul 18 2014
Cape Ray Continues Neutralizing Syrian Chemical Materials

Jul 15 2014
Syrian Chemicals headed for Cheshire after UK arrival

Jul 7 2014
Cape Ray Begins Neutralizing Syrian Chemical Materials


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