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Radiation-Hardened Technology

Ideally, DTRA is able to provide solutions that contain, neutralize or destroy WMD before they can be used against the United States and our allies – but the reality is that some of our enemies have WMD and may only be waiting for the most opportune time to use them.

For the same reason we buckle up when we get in a car, DTRA is working on ways to defend our military forces from WMD and preserve our technological superiority.

One of the dangers of a nuclear weapon – even one too small or too far away to kill or harm anyone – is the electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. While a blast of radiation might not do anything to properly protected troops, it would “fry” anything electronic: laptops, sensors, our highly computerized planes, even a simple cell phone. A weapon that doesn’t kill a single person could still destroy our technology. To counter that threat, DTRA developed Radiation-Hardened technology for the hardening of microelectronic technology against radiation effects. In a harsh radiation environment, our warfighters must be able to move, shoot and communicate if they are to defend the United States and our allies and prevent additional use of WMD – DTRA is making sure they can do just that.



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